Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I Might Go Cry In My Pillow

While Umulu and I were boozing it up last night we took a trip down memory lane.  This is the somewhat predictable result.  

Click here to listen as we yodel the most pathetic Irish folk song of all time at the top of our lungs.  
Click here to hear us dedicate a performance of the song that was, and still is, our favorite song that Mom used to sing to us.
Click here to hear the song.

Warning:  we were drunk.  You may feel free to mock us.  Trust me, we're cringing in our britches.
I'm not sure what is the most embarrassing.  Is it our bizarre attempt to pronounce the word 'macabre?'  Is it our endearing, if sadly uninspired, attempt to sing on key? You choose.


Cheasty said...

for some reason, the tracks play on a loop, so if whatever you're hearing starts to sound familiar, press stop. i can't explain it, but i can try to protect you from endless rounds of "four green fields." i do what i can.

carymc said...

That was fricken awesome! Not at all macab-ruh-uh.