Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Thoughts on General Incompetence

First of all, I'd like to blame Spring. Damn you, beautiful weather. Damn you, alluring sunshine. Damn you, pretty flowers.

This is what was on my list of things to do yesterday.

1. Read Founding Brothers by Joseph Ellis
2. Go to breakfast with Umulu
3. Read Latin American Women by Asunción Lavrín.
4. Read Hello, Hello, Brazil by somebody I can't remember who right now.

Simple, no? Uncluttered schedules are nice. Ha. This is what I actually got done.

1. Go to breakfast with Umulu.
2. Fiddle around on the internet trying to find out how Jill Homer from Up in Alaska is doing on the Iditarod.
3. Get 3/4 of the way through Founding Brothers.
4. Go to Home Depot's garden section to buy flowers and basil.
5. Fiddle around in the garden, repotting plants, playing in the dirt, making babbling noises like a happy baby.
6. Pick up Founding Brothers, determined to finish last 1/4.
7. Read listlessly.
8. Eat an orange, make some phone calls.
9. Keep reading.
10. Stare longingly out the open window, wishing with all my heart I could be on my bike or on the lake. (Sprained Ankle, a note of thanks to you. If it weren't for you this list would be very short indeed. It might have only one item on it - something like "number one: play outside all day.")
11. Go see No Country for Old Men. Scratch my head and wonder what the point was.
12. Watch the end of the Democratic debate.
13. Look at books still to be read.
14. Decide to go to bed, get good rest, and start again tomorrow.

It is now tomorrow. Wish me luck.


Alison said...

I do wish you luck, but if you look at it this way, you did soooo many more things then were actually even on your list. So you should put things on your list like Get Enough Vitamin C and amazing, now you can check it off due to that orange. Woo hoo!

Supna said...

I second Alison!!

I think you should add Wake Up. That one is really, really hard to do, esp. in the morning, before work, but hey, if you put it on your list, and you're looking at your list, you've done it. Scccccccrrrrraaaaattttttcccccchhhhhhhhhh.

Cheasty said...

Thank you, my lovelies. Next blog post will be titled "Re-imagining Failure."

H-SPO said...

Doesn't Jill Homer ROCK?

Cheasty said...

H-SPO!!! wtf, my dear. wtf. and yes. I'm a bit obsessed with tracking her progress right now. I've got two sites bookmarked and check every, oh, i don't know. 15? 20 minutes?