Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Call For Blogalicious Backup

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears. (quick, name that play! winner gets a free hug and kiss.)

So, as many of you may or may not be aware, I'm coming up on COMPS. To each lawyer, his bar exam. To each doctor, her whatever the hell that big test is called. To each historian, the all-powerful, ever-dreaded, comprehensive qualifying examination and oral defense. Otherwise known, of course, as COMPS. It's a nice onomatopoetic term, actually, since it sounds like CHOMP, and that's what it's taking out of my soul.

Mine are looming close before me now, with my essays due on May 10, and my oral defense coming on the 27th of May. Which brings me to my point. Blogging is fun. I love the challenge and joy of writing something every day, sharing my stories, pictures, joys and public humiliations. But I need help.

Some days, I just ain't got the time, and it's only going to get worse from here on out. On most days, I can swing it, but there are those times when I'd love to just copy, paste, and post. So here's your big chance. Got a joke you've been longing to tell? A photograph you'd like to show people? A funny story about this one time, at band camp? A bomb-proof potluck recipe? A favorite memory? A poem you wrote? A cool factoid you wish more people knew? Somebody you're proud of that you think deserves a shout-out? An anecdote that will cause me much personal embarrassment?

Email them to me, and some morning soon, when I'm staring at the 12 books I need to read that day, I'll copy, paste, and post. You'll be doing me a huge favor, and brightening the day of the silly cats who actually read this blog that day. And that, of course, is the main goal of this blog enterprise. Brightening days, making people laugh. Or sniffle. Or burp.

So my apologies for the mundane and (dare I say it?) boring nature of this post. To make it up to you, here's a funny picture.

Cookie, Schwupna: don't hate me cause you're beautiful.


Supna said...


Oh the memories!! :)

Don't you worry Cheastika, I will swoop down and save you from studying esp when you start looking like a history book. For example, when you start looking like a book that been chewed on by a grad student's pet gerbil and dog, George and Schnackers McGee and perhaps, the grad student as well (they were going through COMPS as well that time), I will dognap Chicken Man's dog and let you love on her. (Note to CMan: I hope you realize that I'm just kidding, after all, I haven't met you yet, so where are my manners?)

(In invisible ink: Note to Cheasty: Disregard note to CMan, I'm just throwing him off the scent!! Wocka, wocka, wocka!!)

All that to say, that your friends will happily take you out for a gelato treat when we feel like you've been trapped in the library too long.


Judy said...

Dearest Cheastypants,

You are SOOOO dead. Thanks to your highly popular and anecdotal blog complete strangers are asking to pet my 'stache and touch my two horned head. Little do they know that I do not *look like a mustached, two horned, half goat, half Jlo person all day. Nor do I travel with toilet paper attached to my headgear *all the time. And nor am I attached to Beyonce's stunt double *all the time. Ok, well only on even numbered days and days the end in "day" can you find me looking like this and hanging out with Beyonce's twin. ; )

Ok, now seriously, go out there and kick some other peoples' pants so that we can have the original Cheastypants in full swinging glory back on the playing field again.

Much love!

p.s. will be emailing you stories for blog fulfillment later...

Cheasty said...

eeks! sorry about the pic, you two, but it's so funny i couldn't help myself!

thanks a million for the blog help!

Maxi said...

Cheastika, if not you: WHO?
if not now: WHEN?
if not the comps: WHAT?
if not because: Why?

woofing extra loud for you these days. Can you hear me?