Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Love This Joke, Three.

This one from my dear, sweet, wonderful friend Blue Dragonfly. I have to warn you first, however. What follows is a TERRIBLE joke. I’m a universal lover of all jokes, no matter how bad. An equal-opportunity laugh maniac, if you will. Now I’m not saying i didn’t laugh at this joke (i totally did), but objectively, scientifically, i have to warn you before you read any further. What follows is the worst joke in the world.

Having prepared you for the horrors to come, let us proceed.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful melon, and this melon was madly, deeply in love with her boyfriend.

The problem was, her daddy thought this guy was bad news, and he forbade his daughter the melon from seeing him.

Never one to allow meddlesome parents to stand in the way of true love, the melon and her boyfriend decided to run away and get married.

On the appointed day, at the appointed time, the melon's boyfriend arrived at her house in the darkness of night. She leaned out the window as he propped a ladder up against the side of the house and made kissy noises at him to demonstrate her love.

Then they heard a noise that wasn't like kissy noises at all. In fact, it sounded distinctly like a window sash opening. The melon’s father, who slept in the next room over, had overheard the ruckus. Looking out he saw what was happening and shouted in fury, “No! You can’t elope!”

Isn't this where the shepherd's crook reaches out from behind the curtains and yanks me off stage?


M said...

I really appriciate your commitment to this truely terrible joke by not scrimping on the set up. You have true commitment to bad jokes.

Oh, btw, I don't have your email. Send me one at

Cheasty said...

thank you, thank you, M. i do my best, and as always, would like to thank all the truly terrible joke tellers who helped me get where I am today.

Supna said...

I am a laughaholic too and I have to say that I love jokes too and I actually like this one, and I have heard it from our friend before and Haha'd plenty!!

Alison said...

Now that is one HILARIOUS joke!!! Even if I do say so myself ;-)