Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Crazy Thing About Riding in Texas

Usually Texas only has about 3 days of spring before doing a fantastic swan dive into summer, but this year the nirvana never ends. I have no idea why, but I'm not asking any questions, just in case whoever's in charge up there is just letting things slide.

On Sunday morning I went for a bike ride with some buddies and my trusty faithful Stormtrooper of Love.
Isn't he a handsome bike?

My riding buddies: (Hi, "m," hi, maryland.)


This ride was superlative in a number of ways. One, it was absolutely gorgeous. Rolling Texas farmlands, verdant meadows, fields of wildflowers, and all other sorts of wonderful springy-ness.

The other reason it was superlative is because we saw THE CRAZIEST SHIT EVER. And I do mean EVER. Have you ever heard about how Texas has game reserves where people can go hunting? Well they do. In various ranches around Texas you can find herds of zebra, buffalo, ibix, antelope, ostriches, and more. They have normal game, too, like these handsome fellows:

There were herds of them all over:

I mean, oh my god, look at those fields. Now imagine yourself there. It's 75 degrees, a gentle breeze is blowing through your hair, the sun is warm on your head and it smells like flowers, earth, and sunshine. Then this little (NOT little) guy runs by.

That, my friends, is a Texas jackrabbit, fuzzy cause of the speed with which he bounded by behind a nearby fence. He is huge. Seriously. A rabbit the size of a dog. Everything is bigger in Texas.

I also saw some strange beasts that looked way out of place. For example, who knew that Texas had lions?

And excuse me, but does anybody know what this thing is?

I finally stopped taking pictures cause I was afraid my riding buddies would kill me if I stopped one more time, but it was lovely. Just lovely. Wish you all could've been there.


Anonymous said...

I believe that last picture is a blackbuck antelope.

Alison said...

that looks like a perfect way to spend a spring morning in Austin!

Anonymous said...

again, this is why sweet babyface and i should leave the deep south and head to Austin... Now all i have to do is convince him...

Cheasty said...

hey, thanks, sam! what a wildlife maven.

H-SPO said...

DUDE. I just bought a FELT. There is officially another member of my family. Anxiously waiting for the snow to melt here. Maybe while we are in Bend we could rent some road bikes and RIDE.

Cheasty said...

Yeah, baby, that would be FELT-TASTIC!!!

i only hope they have them in kids sizes for me... :)

Anonymous said...

Uh, well, google maven might be more appropriate but you're welcome anyway. :)